Organize Your Life For Success

Are you one of those people who start every new year with the goal to get organized, but it never seems to happen? Do you live in a constant state of overwhelm, feeling like you’re never sure exactly what’s coming next? Are you constantly running late and feeling stressed because of poor planning?

I have always been a pretty organized person, even as a child. I’m also human, so that mean’s I’m perfectly imperfect. While most of the time I run a very organized home, these past few weeks have been anything but ordinary. Between buying/selling our homes, moving, the holidays and my daughter’s birthday all falling within a 2 week time frame, my nerves were SHOT! I had so many things on my “to do” list that I gave up making a list altogether because it stressed me out to see everything written down in front of me. Know what I mean?

Are you guilty of avoiding and procrastinating when it comes to getting organized? How does this benefit your life? In hindsight I look back and realize that refusing to make myself a list of “to dos” was a form of rebellion. My inner child was stamping her feet and telling me she didn’t want to have to do all of those things. You know what that got me? Nothing. It made me feel stressed, overwhelmed and out of control. So now I am back in the game. I’m recommitting to my organized life. I am making lists. I am scheduling my time. I am prioritizing all that has to be done. It feels GREAT!

If one of your goals is to get more organized, take it one step at a time. I find a good old fashioned paper planner is a great way to organize my time. Every night before I go to bed, I review my planner for the next day to see what is on the agenda for the day. I schedule in everything from workouts to showers to personal development reading time. I set daily, weekly and monthly goals for myself and hold myself accountable. Menu planning is also a great way to make sure you stay on track and make healthy food choices. Most of us do better when we are following a plan and know what to expect. Set yourself up for success in 2016 and get organized!