25 ways you’re ruining your metabolism

If you find yourself dragging as you go through your day or stymied in your attempts to drop those last few pounds, you may just be doing one of these 25 things that Yahoo! Health says can ruin your metabolism.

  1. You don’t get a good night’s sleep – lack of sleep can cause you to burn fewer calories, lack appetite control and see an increase in cortisol levels, which stores fat, says nutritionist Seth Santoro.
  2. You’re starting your day dehydrated – nutritionist Lisa Jubilee told Yahoo that one of the cheapest and easiest ways to boost your metabolism is by drinking 20 to 32 ounces of water just after waking. This is because your body’s metabolism slowed during the night and needs some fluid upon waking.
  3. You drink too much caffeine – while studies have shown that caffeine can boost your metabolism in the morning, nutritionist Amy Shapiro warns against drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks all day. Caffeine, as a natural appetite suppressant, can mask your hunger and leave your metabolism sluggish if you don’t eat during the day.
  4. You sit too much. The human body wasn’t intended to sit at a desk all day. jubilee suggests standing more during your work day and trying to sit less. One good way to do so is by setting a phone timer to remind you to stand and walk around for a few minutes every hour.
  5. You don’t eat organic. Hormone release in cage-raised foods can hamper the way your body uses energy, according to Jubilee. Instead, she suggests eating more organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, eggs, and dairy products.
  6. You eat too many calories too late in the day. It’s vital to eat during the day and not stack all your calories at night, Santoro says. A lack of caloric intake during the day can switch your body to starvation mode, telling your body to store fat. And a large dinner close to bedtime can also lead to weight gain by throwing off your internal clock and making you not hungry in the morning, he said. Instead, try packing healthy snack to eat throughout the day.
  7. You sprinkle food with sea salt. While most table salt is iodized, sea salt isn’t. That means sticking with only sea salt can leave your body short on iodine, which the thyroid gland uses to help control your metabolism. A half-teaspoon of iodized salt will provide all of your recommended daily allowance, but you can also tap seaweed, cod, shrimp, and eggs as sources of iodine in your diet.
  8. Your home or workplace is too warm. When your body releases heat to regulate your temperature, it’s also burning calories. Which also means that having the room at the night temp can make all the difference. So, turn down your heat, especially at bedtime, to burn calories faster.
  9. You’ve nixed carbs completely. Too many refined carbs can be troublesome, but so can too few. Your muscles need carbs for energy and growth. The more muscle you can build and maintain, the more calories your body burns at rest, plus fully energized muscles mean you’ll get more out of your workouts. Yahoo suggests a serving of oatmeal, sweet potato or brown rice before you work out.
  10. Your entire focus in on lifting weights, not lowering them. When you lift weights, the lowering movements are just as key, if not more so, than the actual lifting movements. As Yahoo explains, that’s because the lowering, or eccentric, movements, damage muscles more than the lifting, spurring the body to burn more caloric energy to repair your muscles. One Greek study showed that women who performed one weekly strength workout focusing on eccentric movement boosted their resting energy expenditure and fat burning.
  11. You don’t snack like a nut. Yahoo points to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found that polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially those found in walnuts, can boost genes that control fat burning. So, for better fat burning, try to eat a small handful of walnuts once a day.
  12. You’re not being intense. Researchers have shown that high-intensity interval training workouts result in greater post-exercise oxygen consumption than a regular cardio workout. That means you will keep burning calories for some time after your workout is done.
  13. You’re working out at the wrong time. Getting some early morning sunlight can help regulate your circadian rhythm. Going for a jog or a walk first thing in the morning can help your body function better, leading to better sleep and eating habits and burning more energy throughout the day.
  14. You’re eating inconsistent amounts at irregular times. Fluctuating the size of your meals and snacks – and even the daily timing of when you eat – can set you back when it comes to your weight loss goals. Yahoo suggests determining how many calories you need daily to reach your desired weight and then evenly dividing that number by the number of meals and snacks you eat each day.
  15. You’re consuming too many pesticides. Yahoo points to research that has shown the chemicals found in pesticides can derail your body’s energy-burning process, making it harder to shed weight. Those pesticides have also been linked to thyroid problems. To avoid this problem, be sure to eat organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
  16. You’re consuming dietary toxins in processed foods. Yahoo again points to studies that have linked sustained exposure to chemical preservatives to abdominal weight gain, early insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
  17. You’re drinking water containing fluoride and chlorine. Because fluoride and chlorine can interfere with normal thyroid function, Yahoo suggests drinking filtered water whenever possible to keep your metabolism from slowing down.
  18. You’re taking unnecessary meds. Because medications can often interfere with vital metabolic processes, Yahoo recommends checking with your doctor to see if alternatives such as diet, exercise or meditation could work for you instead.
  19. You’re eating too little. As was mentioned earlier, eating too little during the day can switch your body into starvation mode, leading to more fat storage. The best move is to eat smaller meals and snacks more often and stay active without exhausting yourself.
  20. You’re not eating enough protein. Protein is especially key because it fills you up, meaning you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy food, and it boosts post-meal calorie burn rates by up to 35 percent while also growing muscle. Because of that, Yahoo suggests eating protein-rich foods like fish, egg whites, lean meat, or nuts each day.
  21. You’re not getting enough vitamin D. To ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D, either try to work in more wild salmon, which contains 90% of your recommended daily value in just a 3.5 oz. serving, or get more sun exposure. ¬†Exposing your full torso to the sun for at least 30 minutes produces way more than your recommended daily allowance of vitamin D.
  22. You’re not getting enough calcium. A diet high in calcium can help you burn more fat, according to research by the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Yahoo suggests eating more dairy, Greek yogurt and other calcium rick foods such as sunflower seeds, figs, sweet potatoes, oranges, edamame, tofu, and sardines.
  23. You’re eating refined carbohydrates. Complex cards like whole-wheat breads, pasta, and brown rice makes your body work harder to break it down, resulting in a faster metabolism and more weight loss. On the other hands, refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and rice are broken down more easily by your body and result in slower metabolism.
  24. You’re eating too many sweets. Because sugar can slam the door on your metabolism, Yahoo suggests swapping out the candy, chocolate and ice cream with fresh fruit.
  25. You’re drinking too much alcohol. As Yahoo notes, drinking alcohol makes your body burn less fat while also doing it at a slower rate than usual.

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