How To Get Strong, Sexy Calves

There’s nothing sexier than a great dress that fits just right, but it’s even sexier when your calf muscles look strong and sculpted too. I’ve compiled some simple activities and exercises you can do to sculpt beautiful, toned calves so you can rock your skirts and dresses with confidence this summer.

Fortunately, there’s not a lot of extra work required to build your calf muscles. Your calf muscle size and shape is largely determined by genetics. However, there is a lot you can do to improve the strength and muscle tone in your calves.

When you’re vertically positioned during exercise, it will maximize the benefits for your calves. Many of the best calf “exercises” are common activities you may already do as part of your every day life, such as running (especially uphill), hiking, climbing stairs and dancing.

Outside of everyday activities, there are also some calf specific exercises you can do to help strengthen your calves.

  • Calf raises: Stand on one leg holding a weight in one hand. Take one to two seconds to lift your heel off the floor as high as possible. Lower the heel back down to the floor more slowly, taking four to six seconds. Repeat until your calf is completely fatigued, and you can no longer complete the full range of movement.This move emphasizes the eccentric or lengthening (lowering) phase of this exercise to induce more muscle growth. Perform this exercise two to three times a week, never on consecutive days.
  • Plié Jumps: You can do plié jumps with your feet together or apart, your toes turned out or straight ahead.  Just keep your knees pointed in the same direction as your toes when you land and push off.  Plié jumps do not require a deep knee bend. They are quick jumps, with a relatively shallow bend at the knee. The focus is on rolling through the foot on both take off and landing.Take off proceeds with the release of the heel, followed by the ball of the foot, and concluding with a final push of the toes off the floor. Landing is just the reverse: toe, ball, heel. If you are doing it properly, you will barely hear yourself land. Once again, do these until you are fatigued. From workout to workout, alter the degree of toe turnout and the width between your feet
  • Ankle Alphabet: While seated on the floor with your knees up, elevate one leg in the air and begin writing out the alphabet with your foot. Alternate between feet, as well as tracing the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase letters. Do this exercise three times on each side.

Incorporating these calf exercises into your exercise routine will help you to create strong, beautifully sculpted calves that you will love!

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