Why Diets Fail Us…

Diet is truly a 4 letter word. Americans spend so much time, money and effort on crazy fad diets, only to wind up frustrated, defeated and even heavier than when they started.

Why is it that diets are so popular when everyone knows that you end up gaining back all that you lost if not more once you stop your overly restrictive diet plan? In my opinion, people WANT to be healthy, but they don’t know the means in which to achieve good health. There is very little education about nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this country. Even the food pyramid created by the US government is corrupted.

People are open to trying these crazy fad diets because they so desperately want to find something that will work. The truth is, until you can educate yourself about what truly healthy eating is, and change your relationship with food, you will continuously find yourself in the yo-yo diet phase. To permanently transform your health and your body, you have to commit to a lifestyle that is manageable for you long term. If you are doing a diet that is overly restrictive, and you are clenching your jaws with frustration every day, how will you realistically maintain your results in the long term? You won’t. Your relationship with food has to change for you to have long lasting results.

You have to stop looking at food as a reward, and start thinking of it as a source of nourishment for your body. Before you eat something, ask yourself, how will this food make me feel when I put it in my body? Will I feel bloated, sluggish, guilty or miserable? If so, put it down and make a better choice. Making one better choice each day can add to a total health transformation. Can you commit to changing just ONE thing a day? Instead of that morning donut tomorrow, try a healthy smoothie instead. You can do it! You deserve to live in a body that feels amazing every day. Just one small step at a time will get you there…


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