The Importance of Chewing your Food Properly


Digestion initially begins in the mouth. As you start to chew your food, digestive enzymes found in saliva begin to break it down, preparing for nutrient absorption. It’s importantly to chew your food thoroughly to achieve maximum absorption of all your vitamins and minerals.

How to Chew Properly

To get into the habit of chewing foods thoroughly, try counting the chews in each bite, aiming for 30 to 50 times. Try putting your utensils down between bites to help you better concentrate on chewing.

  • Chew every mouthful of food at least 30 times each, until the food becomes liquid.
  • Chewing breaks down food and makes it easier on the stomach and small intestine.
  • Saliva assists in the digestion of carbohydrates.

If under pressure at meals, take deep breaths, chew, and let the simple act of chewing relax you. Taking the time to chew will help you to enjoy the whole spectrum of tastes and aromas that make up the meal.

Good Chewing Suggestions

Before eating

  • Wash hands
  • Shower or wash face to help relax.
  • Turn off the television, radio, telephone.
  • Do not read.
  • Find a clean quiet place to eat.
  • Light a candle or play soft music.
  • Stretch, breathe.
  • Align your posture and breathe.

During your meal

  • Place a bite of food in your mouth.
  • Put your utensil down.
  • Place your hands together while chewing.
  • Begin chewing and deep breathing.
  • Concentrate on what you’re doing.
  • Look at your food or something attractive, or close your eyes partially or fully.

After eating

  • Say thanks.
  • Sit and talk after your meal.
  • Take a light stroll.

So next time you think about gobbling your food on the go, think twice. Sit down, enjoy a nice meal and most importantly – CHEW YOUR FOOD!

How an Aetrex Shoe Is Born: Behind the Scenes of Product Development

By Lina Kirby, Aetrex Marketing

Ladies own about 20 pairs of shoes on average but I don’t know about you—I tend to not ask too many questions beyond, “Is it cute?” and “Is it comfortable?” when I’m shopping.

Whenever I walk into a shoe store, I feel like I’m on a mission. I scan the aisles, zero in on a particular size and style, and block everything else out. What I think a lot of us shoe-shoppers don’t realize is the amount of creativity and hard work that goes into every single style you see on the shelf.

The array of Aetrex shoes in the Product Development office.
The array of Aetrex shoes in the Product Development office.

The other day, I got to take a fun behind-the-scenes look at the Product Development team at Aetrex. When you step into their office, it’s like Christmas in Santa’s Workshop if he only catered to shoe lovers. Everyone’s desks are surrounded by shoes and drawings, style guides and color palettes, leathers and soles, oh my! Rows of Aetrex shoes fill the walls and prototypes for the future are scattered about but the team is laser-focused on making sure each individual shoe is just right.

All Aetrex shoes incorporate the “Healthy 3”—Lynco® orthotic footbeds, memory foam cushioning, and antimicrobial linings to create the healthiest shoes you’ll ever wear. And this team is exactly who is responsible for making sure all of that happens in a cute and stylish little package!

The in-house footwear designer’s sketches are neatly and proudly displayed as constant reminders of the goal ahead. This is where all of the strategic creativity is born—to create shoes that are unique and fashionable but incorporate all of the important healthy elements that make Aetrex, Aetrex!

Footwear designs.
Footwear designs.

But what I find to be the coolest part of the process is the way this team knows every nuance of every shoe–how moving a strap a few millimeters can change the entire fit or adding a little extra stretch can make a world of difference. The mad scientists in the group look like they’re performing surgery with small utility knives and bottles of crazy glue to get each shoe just right.

The Product Development team analyzing an early production shoe sample.
The Product Development team analyzing an early production shoe sample.

The team asks office employees to come in and fit test the shoes, watching the way the shoe moves as they walk, taking vigorous notes if something is bothersome to the foot or feels extra-comfortable. They even have testers stand on top of a makeshift platform to get a closer look. I got to do it, too… made me wish I got that pedicure I kept putting off!

The team utilizes Aetrex employees to help them properly fit the shoes.
The team utilizes Aetrex employees to help them properly fit the shoes.

Understanding all of the details that go into one single Aetrex shoe–the arch support, the adjustability features, the leathers and stitching, and beyond–it gives me a much deeper appreciation for the work done to create the pair of shoes I choose to keep me comfortable all day long. Hopefully now when you take a look at the long line of finished Aetrex products, you’ll see them in a whole new light!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse – A Quick, Healthy Dessert Kids (& Adults) LOVE

Vegan chocolate mousse recipe
Vegan chocolate mousse recipe (Wikipedia)



  • 1 Ripe Avocado
  • ¼ Cup Cocoa
  • Powder
  • ¼ Cup Raw Honey
  • ¼ Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract


Puree all ingredients until smooth. Enjoy!

Give your body a boost during cold & flu season

Give your body a boost during cold & flu season

As the leaves begin changing colors and people everywhere break out their sweaters – there is only one thing more imminent than the onslaught of pumpkin flavored everything…cold and flu season. Yes, I said it. You know it’s on its way. Many of us are already starting to feel that dreaded tickle in the back of our throats that signifies something unpleasant is brewing.

As a certified health coach, I believe many illnesses commonly suffered can be avoided by making simple dietary changes and supplementing with natural immune support when needed. Rather than relying on pharmacies and prescriptions, I like to give my body the natural support it needs to fight off illness and feel its best.

Some of my all time favorite fall/winter supplements include:

  • Organic Elderberry Syrup: A powerful antiviral that tastes great too! Perfect for fighting off the flu.
  • Garlic: Anti-microbial power that is great for boosting the immune system. It’s most powerful when eaten raw, so I like to chop it up and use in in dips like guacamole and hummus.
  • Young Living Thieves Essential Oil: An anti-microbial blend of essential oils that supports the immune system. I like to diffuse it to clear the air of germs, clean with it, apply it to the soles of my feet to prevent illness and it can also be taken internally as well.
  • Epsom Salt Bath: A relaxing way to pull toxins out of the body. I like to mix lavender essential oil to boost relaxation and reduce stress as well.
  • Probiotics: Replenishing your body’s “good” bacteria will help you to fight off the “bad” bacteria that cause illness. Improving the function of your gut is vital, as this is where the majority of your immune system dwells.
  • Alive Organic Vitamin C powder: Vitamin C can help reduce the duration and severity of colds. Unlike many chemically processed vitamins, this food-based supplement is easily assimilated and digested.

Of course, supplements are great to help support your body, but it is also essential that you maintain a healthy, balanced diet to keep your body feeling its best. Reducing or eliminating sugar is essential to good health. One of the reasons so many people get sick during the holidays is because of the high consumption of sugar, which compromises the immune system. I also like to suggest limiting or eliminating dairy products, as these are mucous producing, which is obviously not ideal during cold and flu season. You don’t have to live a life of total deprivation but making sure your diet and supplementation focuses on whole foods, with little processed “junk” food can really work wonders for your health! Here’s to a happy, healthy end to 2014!

Baked Sweet Potato French Fries – A Healthy Snack or Side Dish for the Whole Family

The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet potato (Wikipedia)
The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet potato (Wikipedia)


  • 5 sweet potatoes
  • 1/8 cup olive oil
  • pinch of salt


  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Wash and then cut the potatoes to look like french fries.
  3. In a large baking pan, combine the sweet potatoes with the oil and salt.
  4. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until brown and crispy!