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At Aetrex, we believe that style & comfort should always come hand in hand.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it’s the perfect time to showcase how our shoes deliver just that.  Featuring Aetrex “Healthy 3,” our shoes provide the support & cushioning you need with Lynco® orthotic insoles & ultra-soft memory foam.   In Aetrex shoes you can look stunning while staying comfortable, even in heels!

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See how Aetrex employees styled their Valentine’s Day looks:

Sara Nagy | Digital Graphic Designer

The outfit: “A simple black dress with a neutral coat is my go-to combination; the Skyler gave my outfit a nice pop of color.”

The shoe: Skyler ankle boot in Pacific Blue

The Skyler elevates the classic lace-up boot style with quality leathers & a sleek design. The soft fabric lining & plush memory foam make this heeled boot so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off your feet.

Gabrielle Legros | Buyer

The outfit: “I wore a navy blue coat with a faux fur collar over a black romper and tights for a chic and classic style. The vintage design of the Naomi matched well with my outfit.”

The shoe: Naomi mid-calf boot in Black

With a chic, vintage look and functional buttons, the Naomi is a great choice for those seeking adjustable comfort & a classic style. Plus, there’s a low 1 ½” heel to give you some extra height for a special occasion!

Patricia Sanecki | Accounts Payable Supervisor

The outfit: “I love combining different fabrics and textures like lace and leather for an outfit full of personality.”

The shoe: Shauna ankle boot in Black

This chic boot features intricate slit leather covering with an all-gore shaft underneath for an instantly high-fashion look and stretchable comfort! The 2 1/4” heel is surprisingly comfortable thanks to the built-in arch support in the insoles.


Loving this cute, adjustable sandal!

I’m so excited that the weather is finally warming up. Once spring arrives, I am usually in sandals all the time, unless I’m working out. Having two young children, I always have to make sure that my sandals are comfortable, functional but also look cute. I’m always looking for the perfect sandal to go for a walk with the kids, run around at the playground, meet with clients or even go out with my friends – without looking like an old lady!

Enter the Terri adjustable thong! This sandal was love at first sight. It’s design is simple, yet stylish, and I absolutely love the leather petal details. I have a very high arch, and I love that these sandals are adjustable, so I can fit them specifically to my foot to make sure they don’t slip off when I’m running around after my kids.

I love that these cork midsoles are so lightweight, because I am on my feet all day, it’s important to make sure that my shoes aren’t weighing me down. The met bar pod in the ball-of-foot has also been a lifesaver for me because the extra cushioning has helped me avoid the sore, tired feet I get when I wear basic flip flops all day.

These Terri sandals are going to be my go-to sandals for this spring. The black is percent for every day, and I am loving the salmon for a little bit more fun and a pop of color!

You can learn more about these sandals and where to purchase them here.


Stiff Ankles Might be Keeping you from Working Out to your Full Potential

By Rachel Song

The ankle is an often overlooked ligament that is actually crucial in utilizing the full strength of your legs, hips, and glutes and maintaining a healthy posture & gait.  Stiff ankles inhibit full fitness potential by restricting your movements and may even cause pain in the heels, calves, shins, knees, hips, and lower back as surrounding muscles compensate for the lack of mobility in your ankles.

Before you scramble to start ankle stretches & exercises, take a moment to assess yourself and make sure there’s an issue to address.

Here are 3 ways to test your ankles:

  • Perform a basic squat, feet hip width apart with a neutral spine. You should be able to get your thighs parallel to the floor without lifting your heels.
  • Stand up straight with your feet together. Lift the balls of your feet from the ground without moving the rest of your body.


  • Get into the hip flexor stretch stance with one knee on the ground, the other knee up with the foot directly below it, upper body held straight up above the hips (see above image). You will be testing the ankle of the foot in front of your  body.  Face a wall with your knee at a distance about 5 inches from it.  The closer you can get your knee to the wall without lifting your heel, the better your ankle mobility.  Ideally, you should be able to touch your knee to the wall without lifting your heel.

If any of the above tasks are difficult, you may want to include the exercises below in your daily fitness routine to increase your ankle mobility:

  • Massage calf and foot muscles: Using a hard, round ball, roll the bottom of your foot from side to side and top to bottom several times, applying firm but not painful pressure. Do the same for your calves using a foam roller or similar item like a rolling pin. This exercise will help relax connective tissues that may be playing a role in your tight ankles.


  • Heel raises: Stand with your forefoot slightly lifted (about 2 inches) on any workable object. Bend your knees while keeping your upper body straight with a neutral spine and heels completely on the ground.  Stand up straight. Repeat for about 5 minutes a day.
  • Half-kneeling ankle flex: Get into the same hip flexor stretch position from the ankle assessment exercise above. Stretch your ankle by pushing your knee forward, getting it past your toes if possible. Stay in position for 1-2 seconds before returning to the starting pose. Remember to keep your upper body straight with a neutral spine. Repeat motion 10-15 times.

In conjunction with these exercises, it’s important to wear proper footwear when exercising.  Correct support & cushioning can make a huge difference in your posture and stability, allowing you to prolong the health of your joints and muscles for lasting fitness & health!

How an Aetrex Shoe Is Born: Behind the Scenes of Product Development

By Lina Kirby, Aetrex Marketing

Ladies own about 20 pairs of shoes on average but I don’t know about you—I tend to not ask too many questions beyond, “Is it cute?” and “Is it comfortable?” when I’m shopping.

Whenever I walk into a shoe store, I feel like I’m on a mission. I scan the aisles, zero in on a particular size and style, and block everything else out. What I think a lot of us shoe-shoppers don’t realize is the amount of creativity and hard work that goes into every single style you see on the shelf.

The array of Aetrex shoes in the Product Development office.
The array of Aetrex shoes in the Product Development office.

The other day, I got to take a fun behind-the-scenes look at the Product Development team at Aetrex. When you step into their office, it’s like Christmas in Santa’s Workshop if he only catered to shoe lovers. Everyone’s desks are surrounded by shoes and drawings, style guides and color palettes, leathers and soles, oh my! Rows of Aetrex shoes fill the walls and prototypes for the future are scattered about but the team is laser-focused on making sure each individual shoe is just right.

All Aetrex shoes incorporate the “Healthy 3”—Lynco® orthotic footbeds, memory foam cushioning, and antimicrobial linings to create the healthiest shoes you’ll ever wear. And this team is exactly who is responsible for making sure all of that happens in a cute and stylish little package!

The in-house footwear designer’s sketches are neatly and proudly displayed as constant reminders of the goal ahead. This is where all of the strategic creativity is born—to create shoes that are unique and fashionable but incorporate all of the important healthy elements that make Aetrex, Aetrex!

Footwear designs.
Footwear designs.

But what I find to be the coolest part of the process is the way this team knows every nuance of every shoe–how moving a strap a few millimeters can change the entire fit or adding a little extra stretch can make a world of difference. The mad scientists in the group look like they’re performing surgery with small utility knives and bottles of crazy glue to get each shoe just right.

The Product Development team analyzing an early production shoe sample.
The Product Development team analyzing an early production shoe sample.

The team asks office employees to come in and fit test the shoes, watching the way the shoe moves as they walk, taking vigorous notes if something is bothersome to the foot or feels extra-comfortable. They even have testers stand on top of a makeshift platform to get a closer look. I got to do it, too… made me wish I got that pedicure I kept putting off!

The team utilizes Aetrex employees to help them properly fit the shoes.
The team utilizes Aetrex employees to help them properly fit the shoes.

Understanding all of the details that go into one single Aetrex shoe–the arch support, the adjustability features, the leathers and stitching, and beyond–it gives me a much deeper appreciation for the work done to create the pair of shoes I choose to keep me comfortable all day long. Hopefully now when you take a look at the long line of finished Aetrex products, you’ll see them in a whole new light!

About Aetrex

AetrexStoreSince 1946, the Aetrex mission has been deeply rooted in foot health and wellness.  At Aetrex, we believe that a healthy body starts from the ground up. Every day when you choose what to wear, we want you to be confident that your shoes will protect your feet and improve the way your body functions. All our footwear is crafted with care to meet the highest standards in design, incorporate cutting edge material technologies, and offer unmatched customization and adjustability.

Aetrex footwear proudly feature the Aetrex “Healthy 3” components‚ including all–day orthotic support‚ pillow soft memory foam cushioning‚ and long lasting freshness and health. The net result is an extraordinary line of footwear designed to help you feel great on your feet and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. When you choose Aetrex‚ you make the healthy choice.

Aetrex Healthy Three – I’m loving it!


As a health enthusiast, it always baffles me when people take their foot health for granted. Our feet are such an important part of our body. We depend on them to get us where we need to go, and as anyone who has ever had a foot issue knows, when your feet aren’t happy, you aren’t happy. This is why I think it’s so important to treat our feet with the love and respect they deserve!

To me, supporting our feet with proper footwear is essential to good foot health. If you are squeezing your feet into unsupportive, ill-fitting shoes, you are surely creating serious future foot problems that can be inconvenient as well as uncomfortable or even painful.

I love that Aetrex’s shoes feature the “Healthy Three.” I absolutely adore my Lynco orthotics! The fact that they are now incorporated into the footbed of the Aetrex shoes is simply awesome! They help to keep my body in alignment and my arches properly supported. I also love the super-comfy memory foam that cushions my foot and provides a customized fit. Last but not least, the anti-microbial technology maintains a healthy environment for my feet and helps to keep the “stinkies” away.

I know that when I have on comfortable shoes, it makes it that much easier to get through my busy day. When my feet are bothering me, it just makes everything I do seem like a chore. I love that these shoes help my feet feel awesome AND that they look super-cute! It’s a win-win!