Are You Deficient In Iodine? You May Be At Risk…

Iodine deficiency is a silent epidemic. Iodine is typically found in iodized table salt and in sea vegetables. In the American culture, we have decreased our use of table salt and eat almost no sea vegetables. As a result, there is an alarmingly high amount of Americans who unknowingly suffer from iodine deficiency.

Iodine is essential and especially crucial for brain development in children. It also plays a central role in healthy function of your thyroid gland. Inadequate iodine intake can lead to weight gain, depression, decreased energy, various cancers and heart disease! As you can see it is crucial to ensure that your body is getting sufficient iodine intake.

Adding sea vegetables into your diet is a great way to boost your iodine intake without having to increase your sodium intake. In our house, I sprinkle dulse or kelp granules on many of our meals to ensure we are getting adequate iodine intake. Sushi rolls are also a great way to increase your sea vegetable intake. I also use kombu when cooking beans or grains, which adds iodine and makes them easier to digest. If you choose to use salt as a source of iodine, be sure to use iodized salt.

The following are a few great food based items that you can incorporate into your diet to naturally boost your iodine intake:

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