How Sugar is Harming Our Children

I see so many children eating high sugar foods, especially during the busy winter months when it feels like there are parties and holidays every other week. I’ve put together a post that explains in simple terms why white sugar is not a healthy option. This is a great way to discuss this issue with your kids and help to show them that there are other options that will help their bodies feel healthier and stronger. Please feel free to share the below post with your kiddos!

Most young people eat too much sugar. They eat sweet cereal for breakfast in addition to sweetened juice. For lunch they have a fruit rollup or candy with a sandwich, and with dinner they often drink lots of soda or other sugary drinks. Dessert might be ice cream or cookies.

Sugar gives us a lot of energy at first, and then it makes us really tired and cranky, and always wanting more sugar. Some people get headaches or feel sick from eating sugar.

Our bodies do not need white sugar, and there are many easy ways to eat less of it.

You will feel better and be much healthier without it!

Sugar alternatives:

  • Eat fruit to get a naturally sweet taste.
  • Eat sweet vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots and squash.
  • Drink seltzer or water with a little juice instead of soda.
  • Bake your own desserts and treats using natural sweeteners.
  • Eat more grains, chewing well to release their natural sweetness.

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Sugaring…What’s it About?

I recently heard of something called sugaring, so naturally I was intrigued. It sounds like something you would do as part of a baking project. Being that I am not a fan of consuming processed sugar, I felt obligated to learn more about it and figure out why I kept hearing about it.

It turns out sugaring has absolutely NOTHING to do with eating sugar. However, it is a supposedly very effective and less painful method of hair removal. As a matter of fact, I like this method better than many others which use harsh chemicals that get absorbed through the skin. I was so happy to discover that sugaring does NOT encourage people to eat large amounts of sugar, but in fact use it to remove unwanted hair that I felt it was my duty to share these findings with all of you. As you know, I am a big fan of natural alternatives.

Sugaring is an ancient middle-eastern practice that uses an all natural paste or gel made from food-derived ingredients like sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. The results can last up to 6 weeks!

The two types of sugaring, using the paste and gel are performed differently. Here’s how:

  • Paste: Considered the traditional technique, a warmed thick mixture is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth using the hands. It’s then flicked off in the in the direction of hair growth.
  • Gel: As in waxing, the gel is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction with a cloth or muslin strip.

A few reasons why I really like sugaring are:

  • Natural ingredients – you avoid absorbing dangerous chemicals through your skin
  • Quick & easy clean up: sugar is water soluble so it cleans right up with water
  • It can be done by a professional or at home. You can easily buy a kit online so you can sugar yourself!
  • Over time, with continued sugaring, you may even see a permanent loss of hair as the hair follicles become damaged from repetitive treatments

If you have been unhappy with your current hair removal routine, or just interested in trying something new, consider finding a salon near you that offers sugaring. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t have silky smooth legs!

The Root of Your Cravings…Get To It!

Let’s get to the root of your cravings for the sweet stuff.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I always finish a meal with a sweet dessert?
  • Why do I always put sugar in my coffee?

Many people list cravings, stress, and hormones as reasons they crave sugar. What if you’re just hungry for more real food? Your body is designed to recognize and receive nourishment from things that grow in nature.

It may sound crazy, but in time you’ll find that by incorporating more real, whole foods into your diet, you’ll automatically crowd out the need for sugar and other disease culprits – no deprivation here.


Do you rush out of the house without breakfast and grab coffee on the go? Your body is hungry and expects fuel to start the day. Wake up 10-20 minutes earlier to prepare a nutritious breakfast.

Try these energy-rich options:

  • Scrambled eggs sprinkled with spring onion and paprika, served on wholegrain toast.
  • Oatmeal pancakes served with banana, walnuts, and nut butter.
  • Wholegrain cereal with chopped fruit and almond milk.
  • Yogurt and granola with fresh berries.

At lunch and dinner:

  • Order or prepare an extra portion of brightly colored vegetables with your entrée.
  • Chew slowly and consciously, making sure to stop when you feel full and satisfied.
  • Still want that dessert? Sip on green or peppermint tea to satisfy a sweet craving, or try a piece of fresh, juicy fruit.

Remember the concept of crowding out as you move forward. By simply eating more whole foods, you naturally reduce unhealthy, sugar-laden items. I’ll be checking in on how your new breakfast routine is going in a few days!


Sugar…it’s hidden everywhere!

With Halloween approaching, now is the time to start seriously thinking about the amount of sugar you are consuming on a regular basis. Did you know that most people NEVER lose the one pound of weight they gain between Halloween and New Year’s Eve – EVERY YEAR? Over a lifetime, that adds up to some serious extra pounds.

Sugar has been labeled by many as a toxin, and for good reason. It’s related to diseases that dominate our healthcare system, such as obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Many people do not realize that these diseases can usually be reversed through simple dietary measures.


 A simple yet effective exercise is cleaning out your kitchen pantry – start today!

Donate or toss the foods that you know contain tempting sugar. Pay special attention to canned foods and packaged items, which are often the worst offenders.

If you’re not sure it’s sugar, use this list of fancy names to identify the addictive, elusive ingredient. It’s referred to in many different ways, but at the end of the day, it’s all sugar:

·                sucrose ·                HFCS ·          turbinado sugar
·                cane sugar ·                maltose ·         brown sugar
·                corn syrup ·                raw sugar ·        confectioner’s sugar

When I share this with my clients, they often ask, “what’s left to eat?” The answer is plenty. Next time you’re at the grocery store, choose whole, unprocessed foods free of lengthy nutrition labels. When was the last time you saw an ingredient list on a stalk of broccoli?

Go for these naturally sugar-free, delicious options:

·                fruits ·                nuts ·                eggs
·                vegetables ·                seeds ·                fish
·                whole grains ·                beans ·                meat

Remember: whole foods are what belong in your whole body. Keeping your pantry and fridge stocked with colorful, fresh, healthy food is step one. Set yourself up for success!

Get That Natural Glow…Scrub Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It’s important to take good care of your skin, keeping it exfoliated, moisturized and protected. People ask me all the time how I get my skin to glow from within.

First of all, I drink A TON of water, about a gallon a day. Keeping my body hydrated helps keep the elasticity in my skin. Dehydrated skin will appear, rough, wrinkled and saggy. Properly hydrated skin appears dewy, plump and smooth.

Homemade skin scrub is another secret weapon in my “glow” arsenal. For pennies, you can make a very effective body scrub with staples you probably already have in your pantry. My favorite, simple recipe is to mix 1 cup sugar (born or white) with 1/2 cup of olive or coconut oil. Then I add in 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil to give it a nice aroma and help relax me. I simply scrub my skin (body and face) every other day before I shower to keep it exfoliated and glowing.

As the weather heats up, more of your skin will be showing. Regular exfoliation with a scrub will help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Be sure to take good care of your body and it will be good to you!