Flip-Flops… Just Say NO!!!  

For many, flip-flops are a warm weather essential. Did you know that flip flops can be seriously damaging to your feet? Flip-flops are fine if you plan to slip them on for a quick trip to the store, but they should not be worn for extended periods of time.

Because of the design of flip-flops, your toes have to grip extra hard to keep them on your feet. The overuse of these muscles over time can cause inflammation of the tendons in your feet. Flip-flops can also cause hammertoes and create or worsen bunions.

Lack of cushioning in flip-flops can also lead to stress fractures over time. The foot needs some support to cushion the bones under the weight of your body as it is in motion. Flip-flops don’t offer any cushioning or arch support.

The lack of support in a flip-flop changes your entire gait (the way you walk). This affects your posture as well as cause pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back.

While flip-flops can be a cute accessory to throw on poolside, try not to make them an everyday staple this spring and summer. Opt for sandals with better cushioning and arch support. Your entire body will thank you!