Side Effects to “Dye” For…Let’s Talk Food Dyes

Food coloring…sigh…this is one of those food topics that infuriates me! Did you know that some countries actually ban the use of food colorings in foods because of the dangerous side effects associated with them? So why is it that food manufacturers like Kraft are willing to make safer, naturally dyed versions of their products but still serve Americans the more toxic counterpart that contains food dyes. It all comes down to the almighty dollar. If they can save a buck by offering us the less expensive, more toxic version of their products, then who gets hurt, right? Our children do, that’s who.

Recent studies have linked food dyes to a host of potential health problems, including cancer in animals and A.D.D. in children. In animal testing dyes have been linked to diseases like tumors of the bladder, kidneys, testes and immune system. Although the FDA has admitted that Red 40 and Yellow 5 dyes trigger hyperactivity and behavioral problems in some children, they are still allowed! Why? These provide no nutritional benefit and can only harm our growing children’s bodies!

These brightly colored foods have a strong visual appeal to our easily influenced children, making them a preferred choice when given the option. Offering our children dyed food like substances instead of healthy, nutritious whole foods is part of the reason why our society is in such an epidemic of disease and malnutrition. Spend your money wisely. Read labels. Every dollar you spend on a product containing food dyes is a dollar you are using to support the use of these dangerous, toxic products in our food supply.