Pumpkin EVERYTHING Season is Here!

One of my favorite things about Fall is the arrival of pumpkin EVERYTHING season! I love the cool weather combined with warming, nourishing and not to mention delicious pumpkin! Eating seasonally is a great way to prepare your body for the change in weather.

Pumpkins also have many great health benefits, including:

-Pumpkin is an antioxidant/anti inflammatory food so it supports joint health, organ health, stress relief and some injuries.

-Pumpkins are high in vitamin C and zinc so they help boost your immunity.

-Pumpkins are high in vitamin A so they help protect your eyes from cataracts and degeneration.

-Pumpkins are high in magnesium which is great for bone and tooth health.

-Pumpkins contain L tryptophan which can help naturally fight depression.

So this fall, enjoy some pumpkin! Add it to your chili, your smoothies, your oatmeal, pie and more!