Relationship Cleanse Challenge!

Junk food can have a huge impact on your body, and I hope you’re becoming sensitized to the havoc it wreaks. Your relationship with food will change dramatically when you embrace whole foods and turn your back on junk. Speaking of relationships, let’s explore how your personal bonds can make or break your relationship with food.


If you had to rate your relationships on a scale of 1-10 as far as fulfillment, how would they rate? If you relationships rate low, delve a little deeper and ask yourself “why?”

  • Are friends off-loading their problems without taking the time to ask about YOU?
  • Family members expecting too much from you?
  • Coworkers gossiping and creating a negative environment?
  • An ongoing rift with an old friend or family member

Any of these relationship issues will cause stress and anxiety, causing you to turn to chips and cookies for quick comfort and stress relief.

Stop! Before giving into a junk food craving…

List five people in your life who totally support you. Next to each name write one reason that you are thankful for them. If a person on your list is someone you have not talked to in a while, reconnect with them today.

Old faces can inspire new changes, and maybe even help you on your journey to junk food freedom!