Expand Your Food Horizons – Go Veg!

Organic, humane meat and dairy in moderation offer numerous vital nutrients. However, as consumption rises and quality becomes compromised, the health benefits of animal products decline.

By reducing animal products, you may experience heightened awareness of mind and body, as well as more vibrant health. There are lots of foods you can add to your diet to get the same health benefits that animal products provide – a prime example of “crowding out” questionable foods by increasing great foods.


Next time you shop, think beyond the meat and dairy aisles – expand your food horizons!

Ask yourself: When was the last time I tried something new?

Often, we become robotic in our food routines, creating habits that may not serve us. Take this time to choose a new item that replaces a meat or dairy staple. Incorporating new foods can reignite your passion for food and life!

Choose one (or two!) from the list below to get started:

Dairy alternatives Meat & poultry alternatives
·       almond milk ·       tofu
·       coconut milk ·       tempeh
·       rice milk

·       hemp milk

·       quorn

·       seitan

When I share these substitutions with my clients, they are often concerned about hunger, as meat and dairy are naturally heavy foods that provide quick satiety. I always reassure them with this easy solution: fill your plate with extra vegetables or have an extra portion of bean salad instead!

Remember: No one diet fits all. Many thrive on good quality meat and dairy while others do just as well without. Try eliminating some animal products from your diet and go from there. Find out what works best for YOU!