Foot Health Issues: Causes & Solutions

By Rachel Song, Aetrex Marketing

Did you know 75% of Americans will experience foot health problems at least once in their lives? Of this inordinately high percentage, 4 out of 5 are women largely due to unhealthy footwear such as high heels and ill-fitting shoes. For that reason, any foot pain you’re struggling with can most likely be alleviated by better footwear. The best of healthy footwear provides proper body alignment, shock absorption, arch support, and pressure-alleviating cushioning among other benefits. Aetrex is a great resource for reevaluating your shoe wardrobe because it has one of the most comprehensive selections catering to different foot types and conditions. Stretch materials, adjustability, and wide toe boxes are just a few ways Aetrex keeps shoes uniquely comfortable.

Every foot is different and getting to know yours is vital to choosing footwear that’ll keep your feet healthy!

Arch type, size, and pressure points are the primary things to consider:

  1. Arch type

There are three varying levels of arch height you should be aware of in order to find insoles that provide the right support for your feet.


People with low arches or flat feet need medial rear foot posting (slightly increases heel height) and arch support to help correct over-pronation, the most common foot problem related to this foot type.

People with medium arch feet are susceptible to heel pain and metatarsalgia and require medium arch support as well as cupped rear foot cushioning.

Finally, people with high arches should also use cupped rear foot cushioning and metatarsal pads for forefoot relief.

  1. Size

This one is fairly straight-forward. Your shoes should match the length and width of your feet! The average foot size starts to increase anywhere between the ages of thirty and forty due to the gradual collapse of the arch of the foot & weight gain but most people continue to wear the same shoe size, making themselves vulnerable to all types of foot conditions related to tight footwear. To find the most accurate size for you, get your feet measured either by a professional or by using high-tech foot scanning machines such as iStep, patented by Aetrex, which captures length and width to the nearest millimeter.

  1. Pressure points

Depending on the structure of your foot and the way your body distributes weight, different sections of your feet will accumulate varying levels of pressure. Aside from providing measurement, the iStep foot scanner also identifies where your feet bear the most weight and custom selects an orthotic for your needs. A unique, customizable orthotic from Aetrex goes one step further and allows you to adjust the orthotic according to the pressure points detected. The Mozaic orthotic has removable gel cushioning pads enabling you to alleviate painful spots on your feet by sharing weight more evenly across the rest of your foot.

Not enough people pay attention to their feet, especially considering how important they are to a functional life. Today, it can’t get any easier to properly care for your feet with all the advances in the technology and design of healthy footwear. Plus, while healthy and comfortable footwear has built up the reputation of being aesthetically unappealing and elderly-looking in the past, there are brands such as Aetrex that place as much focus on fashion as comfort and wellness in their products. Comfort fashion is a growing trend for a reason. You should never have to sacrifice your health to feel your best looking!

7 thoughts on “Foot Health Issues: Causes & Solutions”

  1. Thanks for providing this vital advice on the many different causes of foot injuries, it is important to know about the probable causes because we can suffer an injury at any time and we must know how to get the job done.

    1. Hi Erika, you can measure your shoe size either by using an iStep scanner which captures to the nearest millimeter including pressure points. You can find the nearest iStep near you by using our store locator here: Otherwise, other retailers can measure your feet using a brannock device.

    1. Hi Judith, I’m sorry to hear that! If your feet are causing pain & discomfort, I would suggest that you look for a pair of orthotic insoles which can be inserted in your normal shoes. The 2220 & 2225 Lynco orthotic series are made to accommodate flat feet but it is difficult to tell which design would suit your needs without scanning your feet since the system is made to custom-select the right orthotic for you. You can find the perfect pair for your feet by using an iStep scanner. Please refer to our iStep locator here: to find the one nearest you!

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