Ditch the Toxic Air Fresheners & Candles

As I am cleaning out my house I came across some old scented candles and air fresheners that I used to use before my holistic journey began. We no longer use them in our house because of all of the research I found that supports how dangerous the chemicals and fragrances they use can be for your family’s health.

My oldest daughter used to suffer from allergy induced asthma. The quality of the air in the house became very important to me. I started researching and found studies that suggested that long term use of scented candles and air fresheners can cause cancer, asthma and lung damage! How scary is that?

So what’s a healthier alternative to keep your home smelling fresh? We are coming up on the holiday season and I am sure none of you want to welcome your guests into your home unless it smells fresh and clean. In my house, I use Young Living’s Purification Oil. I diffuse it to cleanse the air of impurities and keep it smelling fresh and clean. Everyone who comes over always comments on how great my house smells. I highly recommend you check it out! If you would like more information on how to purchase this oil through a distributor, please feel free to send me a message.

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