Desire List…Make Your Dreams A Reality

Your desire list is a summation of your ultimate goals – a bucket list of sorts. Go wild! Get in touch with your ambitions, from relationships to finances to vacations – anything goes.

Step 1:  Start writing down your desires. You can begin simply, and soon the ideas will start flowing out of you. Use strong, affirmative language, such as “I want…” “I desire…” or “I intend…”

Example: I want to drive across the USA.

Step 2: When you have fulfilled a desire, check it off your list and write a thank-you note to whoever helped you complete your desire – you might be thanking yourself.

Example: Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Step 3: Put the list in a place where you see it, such as on your refrigerator, and add to it as new desires arise. Extra credit: mount a big dry erase board in clear sight and write your desires on it.

Step 4: Acknowledge that it might take time to complete your list. Enjoy the process of fulfilling your goals and dreams! Once you’re clear about the things you want, they will come to fruition!

My Ideal

This is a tool for you to create a clear list of what you truly want in all aspects of your life – be it an apartment, a job, a relationship, or a regular exercise routine. Use this to break down your Desire List and more fully realize what your ultimate goals consist of.

Step 1: Choose what it is you want to manifest, and write it at the top of a sheet of paper.

Example: My ideal apartment.

Step 2: List all the things that your ideal must have. Be specific.

Example: Large bathtub, full-size refrigerator, air conditioning, three blocks from the subway.

Step 3: List all the things your ideal preferably will have.

Example: A dishwasher, a washing machine, an office, wood floors.

Step 4: List all the things that your ideal must not have.

Example: Mice, roaches, leaks, and thin walls.

Step 5: List all the things that your ideal preferably will not have.

Example: Noisy neighbors, above third floor, far from grocery stores.

Writing down your goals and desires helps you to picture them more clearly in your head. It gives you something specific to work toward. I always say – A goal that’s not written down is just a wish!