Got Mildew?

Happy New Year!!!

Did you know that mold grows every time you wash clothes? Most often, our bedsheets, blankets and towels harbor more of this invisible mold than our clothing because they are typically not changed daily. They hold the mold from washing, and we sleep for hours wrapped up in them every single night. Parents often ask me why their kids have mysterious rashes or runny noses that they just can’t seem to get rid of. I was feeling frustrated because even eliminating detergent, fabric softener, foods, etc, just does not work! I finally realized it was the washing machine that was the culprit!

I am incredibly sensitive to that mildew laundry smell. I actually gag if I smell it in someone’s clothes. There are products marketed that help clean your washing machine and remove the smell, however, most of those also include dangerous fragrances and other chemicals that we really don’t want absorbing into our clothing and skin. Luckily, there is a natural option that will help you to clean your washer and get rid of that pesky mildew smell.

Run an empty load with plain white vinegar in your washing machine 1x week for a couple of weeks. Then just clean it once a month to eliminate mold. Fill all the dispensers (bleach, softener, etc) to full capacity with vinegar, then add 1/4 gallon of VINEGAR to the detergent dispenser if your machine has one, or just pour into machine. Use hottest water, highest water level, and longest cycle. This works in your dishwasher too–remove all dishes first, then add 5-6 cups of white vinegar to the wash cycle AFTER the dispenser tray pops open! Bleach and soap do not kill mold. Plain, inexpensive white vinegar does!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, mildew free New Year!