How To Reduce Body Odor Naturally

Have you ever tried using natural deodorants and found them ineffective, costly and irritating to your skin? I have tried SO many brands and been very disappointed. Did you know that an inexpensive, natural and effective alternative is likely already sitting on your kitchen counter or in your fridge?

Most of us know traditional deodorants and anti-perspirants are known for causing cancer. However, we also don’t want to stink! So in my opinion it is certainly worth it to do the work and find a natural deodorant that can keep you smelling fresh AND that won’t put your precious health at risk. ENTER: LEMON JUICE!

To use it: Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of lemon juice directly from a fresh lemon into one cupped hand. Rub your hands together and rub one hand under each underarm to apply. It has also been said to work effectively at eliminating body odor in other areas too, such as feet, so feel free to try that as well if you suffer from smelly feet.

It has also been said that the lemon juice can help to lighten darkened skin in the armpits. I have never personally had this issue, so I can’t speak to the validity from personal experience, but I wanted to share in case this may be helpful for others.

I have used “lemon pits” as I affectionally call them with great success. Try it for yourself as an experiment, because you owe it to yourself to find something that will keep you fresh without putting you at risk!