Loving this cute, adjustable sandal!

I’m so excited that the weather is finally warming up. Once spring arrives, I am usually in sandals all the time, unless I’m working out. Having two young children, I always have to make sure that my sandals are comfortable, functional but also look cute. I’m always looking for the perfect sandal to go for a walk with the kids, run around at the playground, meet with clients or even go out with my friends – without looking like an old lady!

Enter the Terri adjustable thong! This sandal was love at first sight. It’s design is simple, yet stylish, and I absolutely love the leather petal details. I have a very high arch, and I love that these sandals are adjustable, so I can fit them specifically to my foot to make sure they don’t slip off when I’m running around after my kids.

I love that these cork midsoles are so lightweight, because I am on my feet all day, it’s important to make sure that my shoes aren’t weighing me down. The met bar pod in the ball-of-foot has also been a lifesaver for me because the extra cushioning has helped me avoid the sore, tired feet I get when I wear basic flip flops all day.

These Terri sandals are going to be my go-to sandals for this spring. The black is percent for every day, and I am loving the salmon for a little bit more fun and a pop of color!

You can learn more about these sandals and where to purchase them here.