10-Minute workouts trainers do when there’s no time

By Laura Williams

Who says 10 minutes isn’t enough to get a great workout in? Certainly not science. And while I wouldn’t suggest you rely solely on 10-minute routines, they’re perfect when the rest of your schedule implodes and all your pre-determined plans go out the window. I mean, really, 10 minutes is always better than no minutes, and there’s not a person in this world who can legitimately say they can’t squeeze a 10-minute workout into their day.

Believe it or not, trainers understand the struggle. Between juggling clients, strange schedules, family life, and all the other “stuff” that comes up on any given day, they, too, sometimes have a hard time fitting a workout in. When that happens, this is what they do:

Seven-minute stack

Dempsey Marks, the founder of PreGame Fit, a workout program designed specifically to address common barriers to fitness like space, money, and time, performs one of her own program’s seven-minute stacks with a brief warm-up and cool-down:

  • 90 seconds of dynamic stretching, including moves like a plank to downward dog,walking lunges, and air squats
  • Seven-minute stack, completing the full “stack” of exercises as many times as possible in seven minutes:
  • 90 seconds of cooling down; simply walk or march in place and perform static stretches