Foot health can determine other issues

By Mindy Basara

When it comes to health, pay attention to feet from the heels to the toes. Feet can reveal some surprising health problems.

Years ago Linda Canestraro noticed a change in her feet and toes whenever they got cold.

“They would turn either white, or blue, or purple, and they would basically go numb, so I couldn’t feel them,” Canestraro said.

“These outward extremity items, during certain periods of cold temperature and stress, will get white, and then perhaps turn bright red afterwards and there’s a phenomenon and disease called Raynauds,” Mercy Medical Center Dr. Gary Pichney said.

Pichney, a surgical podiatrist, said feet can also signal a number of other health problems, including serious ones like cardiac disease.

“That’s calcification on the wall of that artery. On the other frame, here it is, the artery that comes down on the top of their foot and we should not be able to see that,” Pichney said.

Other health problems can show up in feet include arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, gout and don’t forget the toenails.

“Often times, toenails can change shape, can change size and can have either spoon deformities, looking like a spoon, or will have little pits in them perhaps, or they might have a black line that goes straight through them, or they might be yellow, brown and thick, and each of those different things can indicate perhaps psoriasis condition, perhaps a fungal condition, or even something as scary as malignant melanoma,” Pichney said.

“Use good common sense, but something has a repetitive pattern, something that you don’t remember happening over the years that you’ve lived. It does no harm to have somebody come and tell you, ‘Don’t worry about it. It’s no problem,'” he said.

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