Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass

This week I am featuring one of my favorite fishes, chilean sea bass! This recipe from Health Coach Quinn is really easy to make and a great way to incorporate more fish into your diet.

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass
Servings: 2
Time: 10 minutes

2 filets of Wild Caught Chilean Sea Bass
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
1/2 a lemon or lime (optional)

Take your fish out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature, even if it’s just out for a few minutes, that’s great.

Heat a non-stick skillet to medium-high heat with 1-2 tablespoons on extra virgin olive oil. The amount that you use depends on the size of your skillet since the oil will spread out. If you’re using a smaller pan, you can use less oil. Larger pan, more oil.

Generously salt the fish on both sides, but of course you want more on the non-skin side.

When the oil is hot, but not smoking put in the fish, skin side up. Allow it to cook for about 3-6 minutes. Cooking time will vary depending on the thickness of your fish.

Just be very aware. Watch as the color changes. It will go from cloudy to solid. When it is 90% cooked through, flip it over and cook the skin side for 1-2 minutes.

I love the skin, there are so many good fats in there but if it’s soggy, it doesn’t takes so good, so you want to cook it just a bit. When you flip it, it will shrink up a little, this is totally normal.

At the end, squeeze 1/2 a lemon or lime over both filets. Best served immediately.

You can use the extra oil in the pan to saute some veggies. Last time I made this I put in some finely sliced parsnips with a little sea salt and Herbs de Provence. I tossed the parsnips with some greens and the whole thing was heavenly…and FAST.