Stop Unwanted Hair Growth Naturally

No one likes to have hair in unsightly places. Unfortunately, hair removal can be time consuming, painful and sometimes expensive. Recently, I started doing some research to find natural alternatives to help slow or stop hair growth. I came across several resources that suggested that essential oils may be the answer, specifically tea tree oil and lavender oil, combined.

So I set out to do a test on myself. On one leg, I used my normal lotion, on the other leg, I used my regular lotion after applying a mix of these oils. I placed several drops of the oils in my hands and rubbed them all over. Once absorbed, I applied my lotion as I normally would.

After about one week, I actually did notice a difference! It seemed the leg I had been using the oils on had slower hair growth than the other. I confess, at this point I caved in and shaved because it is summer and I don’t want to walk around wit hairy legs! However, I may revisit this experiment again in the colder months to see if the process continues over time.

In my research, it did seem that this oil combination can be helpful for women with hirsutism as well. This is a condition of male pattern hair growth that affects women, with thicker, darker hair growing in places like the face, back or neck. So if you have this condition, which is typically treated with medication, this could be a natural alternative you may want to consider.

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