Gluten Free Does Not Always Mean Healthy!!!

I have noticed a huge trend of people going on “gluten free” diets for weight loss. While a gluten free diet can certainly be a healthy alternative for some and a necessity for others, it can also be quite unhealthy if done improperly.

What most people don’t do when switching to a gluten free diet is eliminate processed, packaged foods. They think that by eating the gluten free version of pretzels, chips, cookies and crackers, they are making a healthier choice. In fact, the junk food manufacturers have to add even MORE preservatives, GMO’s and flavors to their treats to make them taste like their gluten-laden counter-parts. The fact is, switching to the gluten free versions of these treats is often an even worse choice if you are simply trying to lose weight.

A gluten free diet CAN be a healthy option if it focuses on incorporating whole foods and whole, gluten free grains like brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and millet. Fueling your body with nutrient rich, whole foods that are naturally gluten free is a great way to get your healthy eating back on track and lose weight.

So next time you are in Whole Foods and find yourself reaching for the gluten free cookies, remind yourself that gluten free DOES NOT mean low calorie, low fat or healthy. It simply means that it does not contain gluten. If you really want to lose weight and get healthier, you will need to eliminate the cookies and opt for naturally sweet foods like fruit.

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