5 Tips to Guarantee you don’t Regain Pounds after your Weight Loss

By Tania Tarafdar

If you have reached your weight loss goal, don’t celebrate just yet. The most crucial part of your weight loss journey has now started. These tips from fitness expert Roshni Shah will ensure that you maintain your weight and not regaining the same 5lb that you lost.

Eat more protein: Fill 75 percent of your weight with protein sources like lean meat, beans and lentils to increase your lean muscle mass. In combination with a great strength training program, the protein will rev up your metabolism and make maintaining weight easy.

Think twice before you eat: Ask yourself if the meal will fuel your workout or fill you with unhealthy calories and nutrients. You will find that you will automatically make healthier food choices. You can, however, always indulge in a cheat meal once a week.

Set a new fitness target: Working towards a marathon or signing up for your first CrossFit class will help you stay focused on your workout routine. Also, seek ways to make your workout routine more creative and inspiring so that you stick to it for a longer time.

Eat small meals throughout the day: Try to eat smaller meals within shorter time span as it keeps the metabolic rate high. One should ideally have 4-6 small meals a day, each within a time span of 3 hours.

Walk around as much as you can: Stay physically active all day and try to meet the 10000 steps quota. Once a while, take the stair instead of the lift to reach your office. If your workplace is close, you can also cycle to the office.

Source: The HealthSite | not affiliated with Aetrex Worldwide