Treat Ear Infections Naturally in Your Kitchen!

Many children suffer from chronic ear infections. Often, this can be a result of an undiagnosed milk allergy or sensitivity. If you children are experiencing frequent ear infections, I highly recommend you try a dairy free diet for at least 30 days before agreeing to have tubes put in their ears. Frequent ear infections also typically mean frequent doses of antibiotics. Although antibiotics certainly have their place in modern medicine, they also kill off all the good bacteria in your body along with the bad. If you or your children are taking antibiotics, it is important to also take probiotics. If you take your meds in the AM, take your probiotics in the PM. If you take them together, the antibiotics will kill all the good bacteria in the probiotics, making them useless.

Garlic mullein ear oil is a great natural alternative to antibiotics. You can easily purchase it at a health food store, Whole Foods or even on Garlic is a natural antibiotic and garlic mullein ear drops can inhibit or destroy germs present in the ear while controlling inflammation.

Any time my daughter complains of an earache, I immediately being to administer garlic mullein ear drops (just fill the ear canal with oil drops and massage behind the ear lobe), increase her probiotics, remove all sugars from her diet and take her to the chiropractor for an adjustment. While she has had a few ear infections, I am happy to say all of them were cured without antibiotics.

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