Organic Fruit & Vegetable Storage Tips

10All fruits and vegetables go through different ripening processes from the time they’re grown. During these processes a natural ethylene gas is emitted from the produce which can spread to other fruits and vegetables. It’s important to store different foods properly to reduce the chances of quick spoiling or flavor transfer.

Produce Storing Conditions Storage Container Notes
Apples 32°F plastic bag away from strong scented foods
Bananas warm area plastic bag heated bananas will quicken the ripening process
Broccoli high-humidity vegetable crisper, up to 3 days refresh in ice water to maintain color
Cabbage humid vegetable bin plastic bag will last a week. Savoy and Napa 3-4 days
Cauliflower coldest part of refrigerator with highest humidity plastic bag will last several months
Carrots (with tops) refrigerator crisper plastic bag will last up to 5 days
Celery humid vegetable bin plastic bag will last about 2 weeks
Chard plastic wrap store for up to 2 days
Collards crisper plastic bag store up to 5 days
Corn plastic bags with husk best eaten immediately
Grapes keep refrigerated, or store in freezer remove spoiled grapes or ones with broken skins before storage
Green beans refrigerator crisper perforated plastic bag, paper bag store up to 5 days
Kiwis refrigerator, or room temperature once ripe, store far away from other fruits firm kiwis can be stored up to 6 months; ripe 1-2 weeks
Lettuce vegetable drawer of refrigerator plastic bag do not store with melons, apples, pears or ethylene gas emitting fruits
Mangoes cool room temperature may be placed in paper bag to speed ripening ripe mangoes will keep for 2-3 days
Melons refrigerator or room temperature Tightly wrap cut melons Can be stored for 3 days
Onions dry, dark, well-ventilated area.       Do not refrigerate.
Oranges cool area, outside refrigerator eat within a few days
Pears room temperature sealed plastic bag store with ripe bananas
Peppers refrigerator plastic bag stored for at least a week
Potatoes 45-50°F, cool and humid
Spinach Cold, moist surroundings – 32°F with 95% humidity clean plastic bags with paper towels rinse thoroughly before storing. Will last only 2-3 days.
Strawberries refrigerator moisture-proof container extremely perishable. Refrigerate immediately. Eat within 48-72 hours.
Summer Squash refrigerator plastic bag store for 3-5 days
Tomatoes room temperature, not below 55°F Will last 2-3 days when ripe
Winter Hard Squash cool, dark, well-ventilated area store up to 1 month

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