Using Foot Massage To Improve Circulation

Massage, particularly reflexology, can be be very helpful in improving circulation. Improving circulation can help boost your overall health, facilitate lymph flow and relax the body.


Soak:  Soak feet in warm, soapy water. Soaking helps to relax the feet as well as disinfect the area to be sure no bacteria or viruses are transmitted from the feet.


Prep: Use the flattened palms of your hands to warm the feet and apply the lotion or oil you will use for the massage. Stroke from the toes toward the ankle with gentle pressure. You can vary the speed of your hand movement as you massage back and forth from toes to ankle, but keep the pressure light so as to prevent the muscles from tightening.


Release: Identify points on the foot that are particularly uncomfortable or experience muscle tightness. Apply direct, firmer pressure on these areas and use your fingertips to apply friction in small circular motions to release the muscles.


Encourage circulation: Resume strokes with the flattened palm of your hand, starting just below the ankle area. Work your way around the leg, moving upward toward the ankle. Then begin to work your way back toward the toes continuing in circular motions.

Regular foot massage can help to improve your circulation and relieve tired, sore feet.

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