Digestive Enzymes Help Absorb Nutrients

Digestive enzymes act as catalysts in speeding up specific and important chemical reactions in the body. They play an important role in digestive health by breaking down larger molecules into more easily absorbed particles that the body can use to nourish itself properly.

Digestive enzymes are essential for overall well-being and digestive health! They break down food into amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol , simple sugars and nucleic acids, which help make DNA. Unfortunately, due to our American Standard Diet, many of us have compromised digestive systems. As a result, we aren’t able to fully reap the benefits of the foods we eat, due to improper digestion. When you combine poor digestion with the lack of nutrients in our soil and our food supply, it is a recipe for poor health!

Another factor in decreased digestive health is age. As we age, the acidity of our stomach acid becomes more alkaline. Therefore, it’s more difficult for the body to properly break down the food you eat.

Taking digestive enzymes can help your body properly break down the food you eat. With improved digestion, your body will be able to absorb more of the nutrients from the foods you eat. If you are experiencing gas, bloating or other digestive upset when eating certain foods, but you are not intolerant or allergic to them, taking digestive enzymes when eating them may help to improve the digestive process.

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