6 Ways to Burn More Calories During Your Workout

By Brian Syuki

Exercising without seeing results sucks! The truth is most folks train in a way that makes it virtually impossible to lose weight. In this article, I’ll show you how to burn more calories in your current regimen without increasing workout duration.

Now, if you think that cardio is the best way to burn calories, think again. New evidence shows that strength training burns more calories. That said, research says that combining cardio and strength training is the most effective weight loss strategy.

The tips below will show you how to make strength training more rewarding.

1. Focus on compound exercises

Compound exercises allow you to target different muscle groups at the same time. Research shows that exercises like squats burn lots of fat and increase lean muscle mass.

It’s noteworthy that training bigger muscle groups burns more calories. So put your focus on legs, glutes, back and arm muscles. The best body weight compound exercises include push ups, squats, pull ups and lunges.

2. Build muscular endurance

Research shows that you’ll lose more weight if you focus on building muscular endurance instead of strength. To build muscular endurance, do several reps of simple exercises, instead of doing a few reps of challenging exercises.

3. Do cardio after strength training

Are you one of those people who run before doing strength training? Well, that’s not the best approach. Research shows that folks perform fewer reps if they do strength training after cardio.

Finish your workouts with cardio or set different days for cardio and strength training.

4. Increase workout intensity

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is popular for a good reason. Studies show it helps burn more fat and builds cardiovascular endurance.

Now, don’t be discouraged if you can’t perform high intensity exercises like burpees or hills sprints. You can increase the intensity of simple exercises by performing them faster and taking shorter rests between sets.

5. Train to failure

“Training to failure” means performing an exercise until you can’t do one more rep. It takes more energy to perform an exercise until failure than it does to perform a specific number of reps. In fact, this approach will also help build muscular endurance.

The important thing is to maintain proper form throughout the set. But there is an exception to this rule—avoid training to failure when performing risky exercises like decline push ups.

6. Use circuit training

This is a training approach that combines aerobics and strength training. You basically perform different exercises at high intensity and take short or no rest between sets.

This training method is great for busy people since it only takes a few minutes to finish the workout.

Source: Care2 | not affiliated with Aetrex Worldwide