How To Wear Heels Pain-Free

As most of us women know, sometimes flats just won’t cut it. When you want to look and feel sexy, heels are where it’s at. So what’s a girl to do when torn between feeling comfortable and torturing herself in a sexy pair of heels? There are a few tricks you can apply to help keep your feet feeling happy.

  1. Thicker heels are better. You can still be sexy without a stiletto. Of course there will be times when an outfit just requires a thinner heel, but for everyday use, try to go with a bit more support. The thicker the heel of the shoe, the more support it will offer your body and the less wobbling you will do.
  2. Take your shoes off intermittently throughout the day to give your feet a break. If you have some down time under your desk, kick your shoes off and let your feet stretch out and get some air. Keeping your feet crammed into heels all day is usually a recipe for achey feet. Flex your toes up and down and rotate side to side to stretch the calves, arches and achilles tendons.
  3. Thicker platforms under the ball of your foot are better. They give you more cushioning under your feet so you have less pressure on your metatarsals. Look for shoes that have a rubber or PU base because they will offer more cushion than some of the harder materials like wood or plastic.
  4. Shoes with more coverage on the foot offer more support. The strappier the shoe, the more discomfort you will feel. In the cooler months, opt for boots that will hug and support the foot. In warmer months, opt for platforms, wedges and sandals with thicker straps (preferably also with an ankle strap for added support). To find comfortable shoes that look and feel amazing on your feet, check out:
  5. Use an orthotic or foot pad to add cushioning and support to your shoe. Aetrex’s Lynco Women’s Fashion Orthotics help provide much needed comfort and support for your favorite fashion footwear. These innovative orthotics are flexible, ultra light-weight and designed for support and pressure relief. The unique Cobra shape and built-in Lynco support comfortably balances your feet and helps provide proper body alignment. Made from soft, breathable full grain leathers and state-of-the-art thermoplastic urethanes. You can purchase them here:
  6. Be sure you are wearing the right size shoes! You would be surprised to find out how many people wear shoes that are the wrong size. Be sure to get your feet measured by a professional. You can also visit a location that uses iStep foot scanning technology for a total foot evaluation. The Step will identify your arch type, foot size and pressure points. It will then recommend the appropriate orthotics for your particular needs. With the right orthotic style and in combination with the proper footwear, you can prevent unnecessary foot pain and achieve maximum foot comfort to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a matter of  seconds you’ll be on your way to a better life. You can find your local iStep location here:

By treating your feet right, making sure your shoes fit and ensuring you get breaks throughout the day, it is possible to wear heels pain-free!

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