Women’s shoes must match foot type

By Dr. Robert F. Weiss

In the past, I’ve written about women’s running shoes, but lately there have been questions regarding information on ladies dress and/or casual shoes. The fact of the matter is, that many of the shoes that women are wearing are not the right fit for their foot type, which could lead to deformities as well as injuries. This is a problem we see all too often, particularly after the summer-fall wearing of sandals and/or flip-flops.

The most common dilemma is arch-heel pain and joint pain in the ball of the foot. This can cause friction to the nerves between the joints and a painful pinched nerve. This will result in burning and cramping of the toes. It is most important to look for shoes that fit your foot type. There are three types of foot structures, flat feet, feet with medium arch and feet with high arch.

In the flat foot type, ladies should look for a shoe that has a bit of an arch support. A flat shoe would not be a good choice for a flat foot. Those with a high arch foot will do well with a higher heel for support and more comfort.

Those with a medium arch are luckier to be able to wear a variety of shoes. But keep in mind that we all need some support in the arch. No one likes pain, so if you take care in your selection of the proper shoe that will match your foot type, you could avoid suffering from pain in the ankles, knees and lower back.

When shopping for shoes check to make sure you have a stiff heel counter and that the shoe bends in the forefoot area. Foot type must be considered before the proper shoe choice can be made.

Source: The Hour | not affiliated with Aetrex Worldwide

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4 thoughts on “Women’s shoes must match foot type”

  1. I have extremely high arches and would LOVE to wear your shoes. Unfortunately, I also have very narrow feet. Your shoes are too wide for me, even with my prescription orthotics.

  2. This is all fine and good but where do you find such shoes (other than Aetrex)? Almost no manufacturer offers any kind of arch and dress shoes never fit correctly with an orthotic, particularly for those of us with a large (size 11) foot – there is no half size for me to go up to accommodate the orthotic. And further, where can you find a shoe with a double last? My heel is narrow – if a shoe fits correctly in the toe box it is almost guaranteed to be too wide in the heel particularly in a flat (I’m looking at you Aetrex – I absolutely cannot wear your flats – I walk right out of them). For women, unless shoes are bespoke made, it is virtually impossible to find them in anything but M or W, with the very occasional N thrown in.

    1. Linda G. I wish I could help you because I have the same foot type, size 11, flat feet, wide at the toes and very narrow heels. It’s definitely a problem and there probably aren’t enough of us for a manufacturer to cater to our needs. I’m hoping someone will respond here that has information that can help us.

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