Get Younger Looking Knees & Elbows

There are TONS of firming creams on the market for your body and face, but most people neglect to take proper care of their knees and elbows, which can be a total aging hotspot!

“As we age, skin cells turn over more slowly,” says Jessica Wu, MD, a dermatologist in Los Angeles.  According to, “these areas are always rubbing up against something—your clothes, your desk, your kitchen counter—dead skin tends to build up and get thick, rough, and discolored, she says. Worse, a natural loss of collagen and elastic tissue can cause sagging, especially around joints, where skin is constantly being stretched and contracted.”

Lift Weights

Strength training involving weights is especially important as you age and your body’s muscle mass starts to decrease. Lifting weights can help improve your muscle tone which will help to better support your skin in these areas.


To help prevent excess buildup up dead/dry skin in the elbow areas, you should exfoliate them at least twice a week. You can buy an exfoliating scrub, make a simple sugar scrub at home (there are a million on pinterest), or even use “dry brushing” to help remove the dead skin buildup.

Water, Water, Water

Drinking lots of water will help to improve your skin tone as well as flush out toxins. Staying properly hydrated from the inside will help to ensure that your skin doesn’t get overly dry, causing even more buildup of dead skin cells at the elbows and knees.

Hydrate Your Skin

Keeping the skin hydrated with a good lotion or moisturizer, daily, and especially after exfoliating, is KEY! Coconut oil or organ oil are great natural moisturizers that are inexpensive and toxin free. There are other brands on the market that naturally help to increase your skin’s hydration. Look for something that’s nice and thick that deeply moisturizes the skin.

As with anything, prevention is the best method of attack! Start treating your knees and elbows right from a young age with these and you will be much less likely to be looking for an anti-aging knee cream when you’re older.

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