Relieve Menstrual Cramps With Foot Massage

PMS can be a real downer! It’s such a bummer to spend your day hunched over in agony, missing out on all the fun stuff because you’ve got cramps and are bloated. I was doing some research on natural PMS remedies and came across some interesting acupressure points to help with PMS/cramps that I wanted to share (check out for more info on these reflexology points).


“Sea of Energy – This is one of the most effective acupressure points for treating premenstrual syndrome. Located two fingers width below the navel, stimulation of this point helps in normalizing irregular periods, menstrual cramps, treats vaginal discharge and problems of constipation. Stimulating this point also helps in relieving digestive disorders such as gas, irritable bowel syndrome, headache and general weakness.”


“Gate Origin – This reflexology point is positioned four finger widths beneath the navel in the same line with the point “Sea of Energy”. Stimulating this point helps in relieving PMS symptoms such as painful menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual periods, treating reproductive problems and incontinence. In addition, this point also helps in treating impotence in men.”


“Three Yin Crossing – This point is located in the inner side of the leg, three finger widths above the ankle bone, close to the shinbone. Stimulating this point with the thumb and fingers helps in relieving water retention, bloating, genital pain, abdominal cramps and irregular vaginal discharge. In addition, it is also beneficial for treating sleeping disorders, insomnia, dizziness and vertigo. Stimulating this point is strictly prohibited during the later stages of pregnancy (8th and 9th months of pregnancy).” I was actually 1 week overdue in my second pregnancy and used this pressure point to stimulate labor and it worked! So absolutely DO NOT use this point in pregnancy unless you get medical approval to stimulate labor!!!

I also find supplementing with magnesium can be extremely effective in preventing menstrual cramps. Part of the reason women crave chocolate when menstruating, other than the fact that it’s delicious, is because it is high in magnesium. There are many supplements you can take which can be easily found at the health food store or even online.

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