Managing Hot Pavement Burns On Your Feet

I just LOVE summer! The sun shining down, walking to the beach, playing outside with my kids. It seems I often find myself barefoot and I have definitely been the victim of a few minor burns to the bottom of my feet from walking on hot pavement or even sand. I’m not talking about giant, blistering burns, just skin that is slightly red, hot and sensitive to the touch.

I’m certainly not a medical professional, but I am very savvy when it comes to using natural remedies for minor “injuries” such as this. I wanted to share a few of my favorite simple tips for soothing minor burns on the bottom of your feet.

  1. Aloe vera: Just as you use aloe for sunburn on your body, you can use aloe on the bottom of your feet if they are burned. I find aloe to be even more soothing when it’s stored in the refrigerator so it’s nice and cold.
  2. Lavender oil: Prepare a large bowl with cool water and about 5 drops of lavender oil to soak your feet in. Lavender can be very soothing for minor burns, and also helps to alleviate pain and heal naturally.
  3. Tea tree oil: If you don’t enjoy the scent of lavender oil, or don’t happen to have it on hand, you can prepare a foot soak tub, just as described above, but use tea tree oil rather than lavender oil.
  4. Stay off your feet as much as possible: This sounds like common sense, but a lot of people forget that when you have an injury, even a minor one, it is important to be sure that you give the body adequate time to heal. The more you walk on your feet when they are burned, the longer they will take to heal. So relax, and put your feet up – literally!
  5. Wear footwear with adequate cushioning: Rather than harsh flip flops or sandals, try to wear sneakers or sandals that have a soft, cushioned insole. In fact, if you can wear orthotics for additional cushioning in your sneakers, that’s even better. Lynco makes customizable orthotics that allow you to remove pods in particular areas of pressure. This can be especially useful if you have blisters in particular areas of your feet that need more room to “breathe.”
  6. Don’t slather your feet in thick salves or ointments that don’t allow feet to breathe. This can prevent the burns from healing.

If you’re like me and love being outside and enjoying all that summer has to offer, the occasional burnt foot is well worth it. Using these tips can help you heal faster so you can get back out there for more outdoor fun as soon as possible.

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