Flip Flops With Arch Support!

Flip flops are so cute, fun and easy to throw one when you’re heading out the door. Unfortunately, most are SO bad for your feet and knees! Lack of cushioning in flip-flops can actually lead to stress fractures over time. The foot needs some support to cushion the bones under the weight of your body as it is in motion. Typical flip-flops don’t offer any cushioning or arch support. The lack of support in a standard flip-flop also changes your entire gait (the way you walk). This affects your posture as well and can also cause pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back.

I’m REALLY excited I found a solution to my flip-flop loving dilemma. I never buy them because I just know how bad they are for me, but now I can have the ease of flip flops AND be properly supported.

Enter…Lynco Flips!!!

Lynco Flips offer a unique healthy experience in a staple summer style. With advanced footwear technology including built-in orthotics & soft UltraSKY™ injected EVA foam, these exclusive flip flops provide extreme comfort, durability, & foot support.  The meticulous design includes an extra soft toe post & metatarsal cushion to distribute pressure more evenly across the foot. They are so comfy – it seriously feels like you are walking on air!



As you can see in the image above, Lynco Flips help to properly position the foot and ankle to align the body and prevent over pronation. In comparison, the leather and rubber flip flops offer little to no support, allowing the ankle to roll inward, causing misalignment.


To learn more about Lynco Flips or purchase them, click here.