Stop Body Odor Internally & More With Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a truly amazing substance. It has so many fantastic health benefits that are often overlooked by most of our society. By supplementing with chlorophyll you can see some major shifts in your health! Check out some of the awesome ways it can benefit your body:

Fights Candida Overgrowth

Candida (systemic yeast) infection is a big problem for many individuals and can lead to fatigue, depression, and digestive problems; just to name a few. Research has shown that isolated chlorophyll solutions in addition to dietary changes can help stop Candida albicans growth.

Manages Body Odor

Chlorophyll can help to cleanse the body from the inside out. In a bodily odor study, it was shown that test subjects had a reduction in BO with the introduction of chlorophyll into their routines.

Helps Manage Hunger/Cravings

By keeping blood sugar levels stable, chlorophyll can help to manage cravings and overeating. In a test done utilizing moderately overweight women, it was shown that when eating meals containing chlorophyll, subjects reported reduced hunger.

Promotes Natural Cleansing

Environmental pollutants including toxic metals can have seriously negative effects on our health. Chlorophyll binds with toxic metals to hamper absorption, and research has shown it can do the same with some carcinogens. Our bodies were not designed to manage the amount of toxins we take in on a daily basis this day in age, so supporting the body naturally with cleansing supplements like chlorophyll is essential.

Some reliable brands of liquid chlorophyll you can easily incorporate into your routine include:

Nature’s Sunshine

World Organic


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