Finding the Right Flip-Flop

Wearing flip-flops too often can lead to minor problems such as chafing, blisters, calluses, soreness and to more serious issues such as Plantar Fasciitis (inflammation of the band of tissue that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot), hammer toes and stress fractures. Not to worry though, there is an excellent solution from Aetrex that addresses your foot health while providing the ease and flexibility of flip-flops.

Aetrex has pioneered and outperforms all others with their technically advanced Lynco Flip sandals. The design employs soft, UltraSKY™ injected EVA foam that provides extreme comfort and durability. Plus, the dual density outsole provides extra cushioning to the heel and ball-of-foot, among other features. Aetrex Flips eliminate the potential problems and guess what? They look and feel amazing!
Lynco Flips give you all the benefits of arch support and cushiony comfort plus the convenience you love about slipping into a pair of flip-flops (not sure ours actually make that “flip-flop” sound though, which may be a good thing!) Once you take a few steps you will notice the difference and know you are taking care of your feet which is vital to your mobility and well-being.

7 Benefits of Aetrex Flips for a people who train
• Flips support the arch and keep our body aligned.
• Use Flips as a recovery after sport activities.
• Flips help hold the subtalar joint from rolling in.
• Flips medial posting will help reduce over pronation.
• Metatarsal Pad helps to reduce stress from the ball of foot.
• Flips help recover from Plantar Fasciitis.
• Flips help people avoid setbacks.

7 Benefits of Aetrex Lynco Flips for those seeking overall healthy comfort
• Flips support the arch and keep your body biomechanically aligned.
• Flips help us with better balance and stability.
• Flips help to meet the ground with ease thus reducing force
• Metatarsal Pad helps to reduce stress from the ball of foot.
• Flips help with shock absorption.
• Soft metatarsal cushion reduces stress at forefoot.
• Extra soft toe post for a comfortable wear.

Give yourself the benefit of quality foot wear!
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2 thoughts on “Finding the Right Flip-Flop”

  1. The Lynco flips are GREAT! My husband was one that always chose his flip flops by price (meaning the cheapest), never considering comfort, or how they stayed on his feet when he walked. I have a Morton’s Neuroma and have to have a met pad which feels really good in a flip flop, and it helps keep me stable as well. I ordered my husband a pair just to see if they would be better to walk in. Within 2 trips down the hall, he was hooked. He was amazed! If you ever see someone almost walk out of their flip flops, you would understand the importance of wearing a shoe that allows you to walk correctly. I dread colder weather because the Lynco Flip is now my husband’s favorite footwear.

  2. I would like information on how your flip flops may be helpful for someone with Morton’s Neuroma. Also, have a hammer toe and an issue with gripping my toes in flip flops…? Thank you.

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