Successful Summer Foot Care Tips

5 easy things to remember for your active days

  1. Wear wicking socks when exercising. Unlike cotton or blends, wicking socks take the moisture away from skin and help it breathe easier. They provide a better environment for your feet that bear a lot of weight and strain, especially in the Summer heat.
  2. Remove athletic shoes and socks after immediately after working out. Take out your shoe’s removable liner; otherwise, the shoe will stay wet between it and the sole. Rinse the liner lightly allow to dry in or outside. For all activities we recommend you utilize the benefits of an orthotic which delivers extra care and performance than standard shoe liners. Make sure you open up the your athletic shoes really well. Crumple newspaper into the shoe, which will help absorb moisture and keep the shoes spread.
  3. Stretch your feet to prevent strains. Roll a ball around your arch to stretch your muscles. Also, sit down, bring the soles of your feet together and intertwine your toes.
  4. Pay attention if your foot hurts. Anything that happens to your feet affects the rest of your body as well. If one foot is hurting, then you can start to put more stress and pressure on the opposite foot, which can cause a bigger injury in your leg, knee or even hip. If persistent pain and immobility exists that is a signal to see a Podiatrist to for proper evaluation. It’s always better be proactive rather than wait until the potential problem grows into something bigger, and more painful.
  5. Employ smart hygiene. Let’s face it we have all seen some pretty bad looking feet and it’s easy to ignore them since they are far away from our line of sight, but make sure you’re washing your feet properly. It takes a little more time but take care, especially in Summer, to clean in between the toes and a give a good scrub on your foot bottom with a soapy wash cloth. In addition, it feels good and is healthy to soak your feet in warm water with a little Epson salt which also helps remove any odor too. Keep your toenails clean underneath and trimmed to avoid a painful tear or pull on your cuticle or nail bed, or infection.

Following these quick basic tips can help to avoid discomfort and possible injury later on. Most problems only surface after repeated ill conditions over time and then it’s too late and your condition turns into a timely, and most likely costly, medical treatment.

2 thoughts on “Successful Summer Foot Care Tips”

  1. Thank you for mentioning that if one of your feet start to hurt (and continually hurt), you should probably go see a Podiatrist so they can figure out what is wrong. My husband arch has been hurting for a couple of weeks and we have been debating whether he should go see a doctor to help care for his foot. I’ll make sure to tell him that if he doesn’t receive foot care, he may begin to put stress on other possibly injured parts of his body.

  2. I like that you mentioned that if you feel any lingering pain in your feet, it is a good idea to visit a podiatrist. I am the kind of person who will normally just deal with the pain, but I didn’t realize that it could cause so much damage to the rest of your body to favor one foot. I have been having some foot pain lately, so I will definitely go and see a podiatrist as soon as I can.

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