Sweet Potato…Fall’s Perfect Food!

As the weather starts to cool off for fall, it’s important to start preparing your body for the change in seasons by changing what you’re eating. Eating locally isn’t only beneficial for our local farmers and our environment, it also encourages us to eat seasonally appropriate foods. When the weather gets cooler, our bodies crave warm, nourishing comfort foods to help us transition.

In addition to being the perfect fall food, sweet potatoes have some great health benefits as well. Not to mention, they can be enjoyed in such a great variety of ways as either main courses or side dishes.

Fiber: Sweet potatoes are a great source of dietary fiber. A serving contains almost 7 grams of fiber!

Vitamin A/Beta-Carotene: Vitamin A is a great natural anti-oxidant and just one sweet potato contains almost your entire daily recommended serving! Vitamin A is said to help in prevention of cancer as well as protecting your skin from the sun (from the inside out).

Vitamin C & E: Vitamin C & E are important antioxidants for disease prevention. They also support health hair and skin. Look good, feel good!

Heart Health: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin B6 as well as potassium, which help blood flow freely and help to lower blood pressure.

There are so many great ways to enjoy sweet potatoes…baked, sweet potato fries, in a stew or soup, even sweet potato tater tots!

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