Strengthen Your Feet To Improve Your Performance

While our feet are the base of nearly every physical activity we do, they are often overlooked when it comes to exercising. We train our arms, backs, legs, abs…so why not our feet? If our feet are in better shape, we have better balance, we can run faster, we can jump higher and we have better endurance. So what are some ways we can exercise our feet, you may ask? Check out my suggestions below. Always be sure to start small and work your way up to more reps, you don’t want to injure your feet from jumping in too quickly.

  1. Go Barefoot: Removing your shoes and walking barefoot whenever possible is important to allow your feet to move naturally. Some simple toe raises on bare feet can help to improve balance and muscle tone.
  2. Walk On Uneven Surfaces: Walking on smooth rocks or sand barefoot can help your body tune its sense of balance. Learning to adapt to its surroundings is good conditioning for your feet. Plus, activating the nerve endings on the bottom of your feet can help with lower back pain (the nerves are connected).
  3. Foam Roll Your Feet: Using a soft foam roller, roll the medial, transverse and lateral arches of your feet. It’s critical to relax muscle tension in all 3 aspects of the foot to prevent stiff muscles and improve flexibility. Standing with a foam roller, begin by rolling your lateral (outside) arch, then your transverse (center) arch, followed by your medial (inner) arch. Be sure to roll them in this order to avoid injury and optimize results.
  4. Reflexology massage: Reflexology massage is a great way to release unwanted tension in your feet as well as improve your overall health in other areas of your body. Ensuring your feet aren’t harboring any tension is critical for good balance and performance.

Incorporating these simple techniques into your daily regimen will help strengthen your feet, which can in turn improve your athletic performance, including speed, balance and power.

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