Good Foot Health is Key to Aging Well

Feeling good for all your years takes mindful steps, especially for our feet!

With age our bodies change. Since our feet are the furthest from our line of sight it’s easy to ignore them, that is until pain sets in, and then it’s impossible to forget about your feet.

With foot discomfort comes a wide range of ailments, both physical and emotional.

Foot pain and dysfunction brings an abrupt halt to our current wellbeing. Once your movement becomes restricted your mood will likely plunge causing more stress. Your chance of falling increases as well, which can be very dangerous especially as we get older.

Realizing how important your feet are to your entire life is a pathway to getting in control and being proactive about preventative health and foot care. Today there are a host of things you can do to help avoid potential foot problems as the years progress. Of course, diet and exercise are key to overall health from the start.

Since each person’s feet are unique it is wise to look at the interior and base of your shoes to make sure they are constructed well. The shape of the foot arch needs proper support and the density of the base cushion needs to work in unison with your natural foot movement, specifically known as gait. Each time you take a step your gait puts tremendous force upon the structure of your foot.

Over time the following can occur:

  • Arches get flatter and lose elasticity
  • Reduction in cushion and natural padding in your heels
  • Joints become less flexible

In addition, reduced blood circulation from conditions such as Diabetes is very common. Less blood means less vital nutrients and oxygen; never a good thing!

Best way to avoid problems with your feet is correct fitting shoes and socks, coupled with good support.

There are amazing choices today for technically advanced orthotic based shoes that look and perform fantastic. You will immediately feel the difference when you walk and carry out your daily activities. The result of healthy, comfortable feet is feeling more at ease, more energy and less overall fatigue in your day. Our vitality depends on feet that function well and it can really change your life for the better.

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  1. I am surprised this article did mention exercise such as trigger ball and Pilates, especially Pilates reformer. Pilates footwork includes working on articulation of the feet and proper weighting.

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