Why You Should Never Shave Before A Pedicure

Even in the colder weather, I still love getting a pedicure and having my feet look nice! But I also must admit, I don’t regularly keep up with shaving my legs the way I do in the summer when it’s colder out. One thing I am always very careful about is making sure I never shave my legs the same day I go to get a pedicure. I always try to plan ahead and shave them the day before. Why you ask?

When you shave your legs the razor creates tiny tears in your skin, which is a perfect opportunity for bacteria to enter your skin. The micro-tears in your skin combined with the bacteria present in pedicure tubs is a perfect storm for creating a nasty infection like cellulitis. These infections can be very serious, and even lead to hospitalization.

Believe it or not, this actually happened to me when I was younger! I shaved in the morning and got a pedicure in the afternoon, and then developed a bazaar leg infection that took months to heal with the treatment of a dermatologist. Please learn from my mistake and make sure you never shave just before a pedi! Also, if you suspect the nail salon isn’t meeting sanitary guidelines, leave immediately! It’s just not worth the risk.

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