Foods To Help Your Body Detox

The holidays are here, which means indulgence for many. Parties, socializing, celebrations…they all add up. There are some every day foods you can start incorporating into your diet to help your body get some detox during this busy time. Of course, being sure to drink enough water and get enough sleep is also crucial to feeling your best! I know it’s tempting but staying up all night playing around on your phone is not doing your body any favors! Try adding these foods into your diet as much as possible this holiday season.

Asparagus: Great for the liver, spleen and pancreas. Our livers take a beating with all the holiday celebrations, so asparagus is a great way to help off-set that a bit. Asparagus also has natural pain relieving properties, helping to reduce inflammation in the body.

Berries: Berries are high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. They are a great way to help your body process toxins and heal itself. Berries are a great way to get the health benefits of fruit with lower sugar content.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers support the adrenal glands, which often take on a lot of stress during the bust holiday season. They also help to strengthen the kidneys while flushing toxins out of the body. My kids especially love baby cucumbers, they make a great snack and are an easy way to add veggies to a lunch!

Garlic: Garlic has natural anti-viral and antibacterial properties that help defend the body and boost immunity and healing. Garlic is also know for killing off strep bacteria, which can run rampant in the colder winter months. Garlic helps to flush toxic viral and bacterial overload out of the lymphatic system.

Lemons & Limes: Lemons & limes help to improve digestion and cleanse the liver. They also help to balance sodium levels and electrolytes. Adding lemon or lime juice to warm water first thing in the morning can help to get your digestion properly moving. This is a great way to combat constipation.

Exercise and sweat is also a great way to help your body naturally release toxins. So be sure to get up and move!

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