Your Foot Comfort and Health Can Drastically Improve with Orthotic Insole Solutions

Most people are surprised how good it feels to wear supportive insoles, or shoes with built in orthotics. Normal shoes have very little arch support or cushioning for the simple reason that everyone’s feet are different and manufacturers want a wide audience. Therefore, almost all shoes have a flat, non-supportive footbed.

Orthotic insoles correct the alignment of your foot and cushions your foot from excessive pounding as well as give good arch support. Controlling pronation is the solution to many (but not all) foot problems. Pronation is the rolling in of the foot as it takes a step; overpronation is when the foot rolls too far in. Underpronation is when the foot rolls too far out. While high arches are often correlated with underpronation (also called supination), even people with very high arches often overpronate. Firm support under the rear third of the arch is the way to limit pronation to a healthy level. Delivering this support in a way that is comfortable, long-lasting, and effective is where companies diverge.

The Important Qualities to Look for in All Your Footwear Are:

  • Support for the Balls of Your Feet
    When you must be on your feet for extended periods of time, the balls of your feet are bound to ache, good support will prevent this problem.
  • Soft, Deep Heel Cup
    All insoles designed to help with plantar fasciitis should have a good, deep heel cup to provide effective shock absorption.
  • Layers of Cushioning
    Good cushioning helps prevent foot fatigue when you must be on your feet for many hours and/or when you must walk or stand on hard surfaces.

Case in Point: Ballet Flats

A multipurpose and stylish shoe, ballet flats look good on most women. A good pair of black flats is a staple of many women’s year-round wardrobes. Despite their fashion versatility, most ballet flats don’t have any arch support. Wearing shoes without support can lead to discomfort and unexpected health consequences. However, Beauty doesn’t have to result in pain. If you add a quality insole with technically designed support features–that will last the life of your shoe–you will be making a great choice for your wellbeing. For almost all your shoes for daily use and sport you can find supportive insoles to improve the fit and function.

The other option is to just buy shoes with built in orthotics total foot protection. Look no further than for technically designed footwear for healthy, comfort-driven shoes and orthotic insoles for all your activities.

Choosing properly fitting shoes with a advantageous footbed for your feet directly impacts the longevity of your wellbeing.

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