New Year Foot Care

Kick off 2018 with a rewarding plan for your overall well-being and it starts with your fabulous and fearless feet—yes, they step out everyday into the unknown to get you places!

Every day your feet are literally carrying the weight of your world as you step out and take on life. Here’s a short list of the very most important foot care tips, duties and reminders that will give you a better outlook for your overall well-being and beauty.

Set the pace for the new year by:

  • Keep a foot pampering schedule–twice a month–to stay on track for massage, pedicure, oil/salt infused soak, exfoliation and close inspection for any oddities.
  • Be open to new technology in footwear to serve your feet better–without sacrificing
    style. (Aetrex has you covered)
  • Try having a orthotic foot scan to determine your arch type, pronation and gait.

Remember spring is only a few months away and steady care and attention now will give you head start to feeling and looking good once you bring your feet out with more casual, lighter and freer footwear.

Easy Do’s and Don’ts Shortlist

Do examine your feet daily after washing (always completely dry)

Don’t let your feet become wet and cold for long periods

Do wear socks that wick moisture away to keep your feet dry

Don’t wear heavy socks that make your shoes too snug or tight

Do moisturize daily, but not between toes (can cause fungus growth)

Don’t ever cut cuticles (gently push them back)

Do find shoes that don’t sacrifice comfort for looks (you can have both)

Don’t wear anything that causes friction or discomfort

Do trim nails straight across and file edges slightly

Don’t cut calluses on your own (by doctor only)

– Do look for cushioned foot bed with arch support

Do use pumice stone to gently remove hard skin after washing

– Don’t ignore chronic swollen feet and ankles (see your doctor)

Plus, Definitely Do remind your friends or loved with diabetes about foot care awareness, it’s vitally important.

 And last but not least, remember your feet take the weight of your whole body and go through a lot of wear and tear, making them susceptible to injury, fatigue and infections. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, neglecting your feet can lead to unnecessary pain and other foot problems. Hence, now is the time to make an effort to keep your feet in tip-top shape and health for you and your family as well.


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