Hot Tips for Your Cold Feet

Frigid temperatures outside does not mean the temperature of your feet has to plummet as well. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes in the bitter cold for your feet to suffer so prepare with basic protection and comfort in socks first.

Merino wool socks = warm feet for life

Experts agree that merino wool socks are the ultimate way to keep your feet warm and dry. Wool offers first-rate moisture control by pulling moisture away from your skin. Better yet, chill-inducing sweat evaporates quickly thus warding off bacterial growth.

Bigger isn’t always better

Contrary to popular belief, very thick socks can actually make your feet ice cold. If the sock exerts pressure on your foot it only gets worse when you try to cram your foot into a tight winter boot, thereby reducing warming blood-flow. Choose thinner socks if you’re wearing thick boots and thicker socks if you’re wearing sneakers or other thin shoes. Remember, layering properly is crucial in keeping your feet breathing and warm.

Curtail caffeine and cotton

In the cold, both caffeine and cotton can add to your chills. The reason? Cotton socks soak up moisture easily which means that your soggy socks will turn your feet turn into wet, numb iceboxes. Try to avoid caffeine drinks as it constricts blood vessels in your extremities that adds to less circulation and warmth.

Other direct ways to heat your feet:

– Toe Warmers
– Heat protecting insoles
– USB heated slippers
– Gentle foot massage

The Solution in Shoes

Here are a few pointers to go by to lessen the cold affect in shoes:
• Proper fitting shoes is vital to avoid foot problems beyond the bad weather. You should be able to wiggle your toes freely so there is airflow around your toes and socks.
• Allow your cold, wet shoes to dry by hanging, preferably in sunlight. (don’t put shoes near a fire or heater as it can dry out and weaken the materials.) Make sure to leave enough drying time and stuffing the inside with newspaper will help too.
• Remove ground salts and dirt immediately or use small amount of white vinegar and a cloth to clean them later. As you can imagine, salt will dry out leathers and soles causing premature damage.
• Apply topical water repellent to keep cold moisture from soaking your boots.

The Easiest Way to Get Warm: Move Your Body!

You have a natural heating system and pump. When you are walking try rotating your arms and raise your knees with each step for short, quick reps. As you flex your muscles your body will heat up. Of course long exposure to cold will always wear your body down so limit your time outside.
One Last Tip
Stress hormones constrict your blood vessels and that can result in cold feet, so take a break, drink enough liquids and just b r e a t h e.