Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are here! As an IIN certified health coach and a busy Mom of an  and 3 year old, having energy and feeling good in my body this holiday season is so important. I know if I go overboard I will feel bloated, exhausted and overwhelmed during the holidays. It’s SO important to remember that the holidays are just a few DAYS, not MONTHS!

*General Tips:
– Keep portions reasonable
– Avoid foods high in fat, sugar and salt
– Save leftovers/seconds for another day
– Holidays are a few days/events, not months – don’t get carried away
– Continue regular  exercise routine
– Don’t save up all your calories for one meal. Start every day with a health breakfast & have a healthy snack before the event so you don’t show up overly hungry
– Limit alcohol (stick with wine or vodka if you indulge).
– Slow down and enjoy each bite – give your stomach time to tell your brain it’s full. When you shovel your food in too fast, your stomach doesn’t have time to realize that it’s full, which leads to massive overeating.

The holidays are about having fun and enjoying good company. You do NOT need to over drink or overeat to enjoy yourself. You don’t have to avoid social settings. You can partake in a reasonable way and still be part of the festivities. With a little bit of self control you can have fun AND feel good this holiday season.

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