Tips For Winter Hiking Foot Health

When hiking in the winter, it is essential to ensure your feet are properly cared for. It’s important to find the proper balance and be sure you are warm enough but not too hot.

To keep your upper body temperature properly regulated, be sure to dress in layers. If you are exerting yourself you don’t want to be dressed in clothing that is too warm which may cause excessive sweating and discomfort. You will want to start with a base layer that wicks moisture and is breathable, followed by a mid-layer that is insulating like a fleece jacket, completed with an outer layer that is water and wind proof to protect you from the elements. Be sure to incorporate a warm, weatherproof hat and waterproof gloves into your gear.

Now let’s talk FEET! Obviously, good warm socks that properly wick moisture away from your feet are essential. You don’t want your feet to get wet with moisture from sweat, and then get cold. This will not only cause discomfort, but could also lead to blisters and fungal growth. Wool socks are often a popular choice for hiking as well. Warm, waterproof hiking boots are essential to keep your feet comfortable and dry in the cold weather elements.

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Maxine: Great Boots For Extreme Winter Weather

WOW! Those of us here on the East Coast are in the midst of a really cold spell. With temperatures below freezing the past couple weeks, coupled with snow and high winds it is absolutely frigid outside! When temperatures are this low and the ground is messy with snow and slush, it’s extremely important to make sure you have footwear that is up to the task! Enter…Maxine!

Maxine if fully lined with ultra-soft faux fur & water-resistant neoprene making it the coziest and most stylish weather-proof boot out there. With slip-resistant outsoles & stretchy, flexible material, this boot will keep your feet warm and dry in cold, rain or snow. Aetrex’s anti-microbial technology also prevents bacteria growth and ensures that your boots remain odor free. The built in Lynco® orthotic support and slow recovery memory foam cushioning customize to your foot creating the ultimate in cold weather comfort.

From a style perspective, Maxine is a great, versatile and stylish boot perfect for extremely cold days. It can be paired with a cute pair of jeans, leggings or pants and offers a sleek alternative to most bulky cold weather boots on the market.

Maxine is currently available in two beautiful colors: Blackberry and Multi-Berry. You can find more information and purchase Maxine boots HERE.